Messaging: How to Use Moodle Messaging

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  • May 15, 2017

Sending a Message to an Individual and Managing Contacts

Sending a Message

  1. There are three ways to access Moodle messages:
    1. Select the Messages icon Messaging iconat the top of the course.
    2. Locate the Messages block and click Messages.
    3. This link is also accessible from the User Menu if you do not have a Messages block.  To access, locate the User Menu in the top-right corner of the page and expand the options by hovering the mouse over your username and click the Messages hyperlink.
  2. Select Contacts, and type the user’s first or last name into the Search for User or Course text box.
  3. Searching will provide a list of users (and messages) that match your search.
  4. Click the username to send a message. Type the message in the Message field and click Send Message.
  5. Select Edit at the top of the message field to delete a message or messages. You will be prompted to confirm deletion of the message. The message will only be removed from your message history and will still be visible to the user that sent or received the message.

 Managing Contacts

Click the username at the top of the message field. From there, you have several options:

  1. Send Message: Send a message to the selected contact.
  2. Block Contact: Block the selected user from contacting you. This will clear your search history.
    1. Unblock Contact will appear if you have already blocked the contact. Click Unblock Contact if you wish to unblock the user.
  3. Add Contact: Add the selected user as a contact.
  4. Remove Contact: This option will appear if the user is already a contact. Click Remove Contact if you wish to remove the user from your contact list.

Reading and Replying to a Message

Reading and Replying Through the Messages Block

Received messages will appear in the Messages block in the top right corner of Moodle.

  1.  Click the envelope icon next to the User Menu to read your message.
  2. Reply by typing your message and clicking the Send a Message

 Reading and Replying Through the Messages Page

Messages are accessible via the User Menu.

  1. In the User Menu, hover your mouse over your username and click Messages.
  2. Select any new messages and type your reply.
  3. Click the Send a Message