Grades: Troubleshooting Common Gradebook Problems

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  • December 26, 2015

Grades or Columns Are Missing in the Grader Report

Categories Are Set to Show Aggregates or Grades Only

A plus sign in a box next to the category name indicates that only the aggregates are visible (category items are hidden). Selecting this box will open the category items in that category.

Two lines in a box next to the category name indicate that only the grades are visible (the total is hidden). Selecting this box will display the full view or total for that category.

Select the box either one or two times to toggle back to the minus sign, which indicates the full view for the category.

If the course total column is missing, scroll to the far left in the grader report and click on the box next to the course name.

Grades Do Not Aggregate Correctly

Check for overridden grades. An item or category total will not update even when items are graded at an activity level if it is overridden. Overridden grades have a tan background.

This information can also be obtained from the Grade history report.

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