Using Your Moodle Dashboard

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The Moodle Dashboard is an easy way to navigate to your courses and view information about upcoming activities. The Dashboard layout is customizable, allowing you to organize in a way that works best for you.

This article will cover accessing your Dashboard, reviewing your Course Overview Block, and customizing your Dashboard.

Accessing the Moodle Dashboard Page

  1. Log in to your Moodle site’s main page.
  2. Locate the Navigation area on the left side of the page and click Dashboard.
    1. If you do not see the Navigation area, click the hamburger button at the top left of the screen to toggle it open.

The Course Overview Block

The focus of the dashboard is the Course Overview block. This block contains lots of information about your courses and activities. The Course Overview Block is separated into two main tabs: Timeline and Courses.

The Timeline Tab

The Timeline tab is based off due dates programmed in your courses. It is important to note that activities with no programmed due dates will not display, so you should always consult your syllabus to ensure you are not missing something. The Timeline Tab will show activities with upcoming or recently passed due dates.

You have two options for viewing the Timeline tab: Sort by dates or Sort by courses. You can toggle between the views using the buttons near the top of the Course Overview block. In either view, the View more button will allow you to view additional activities if the list is too long. If there are no additional activities, the View more button will be inactive.

The Courses Tab

The Courses tab displays all your available courses, and is split into three viewing options: In Progress, Future, and Past. Moodle organizes your courses into the categories using programmed start and end dates. While all courses have programmed start dates, not all courses have end dates. Because of this, you may have old courses display as In Progress.

The Courses Tab will display your course progress and description, if your instructor has enabled these options. If you have more than one page of courses, use the page navigation buttons at the bottom of the screen to navigate.

Customizing Your Dashboard

Moodle allows you to customize the layout of your Dashboard, as well as add or remove a variety of useful blocks. Please note that you may no longer sort the order of your courses like in previous versions of Moodle, as this is now done automatically by the Course Overview block.


To begin customizing, click the Customize this page button in the top-right corner of your Dashboard. A move icon (crossed arrows) and an actions icon (gear) will appear in the top right of each individual block. Click and drag the move icon to reposition your blocks. Click the action icon to access other options, such as configure, hide, or delete. Please note that some blocks cannot be hidden or deleted. When you are finished, click the Stop customizing this page button in the top-right to save your changes. If you want to revert to the original, click Reset page to default instead.

Add a block

You can also add blocks while customizing your dashboard. In the left-hand Navigation area, click Add a block. Click a block from the pop-up list to add it to your dashboard. Note that the Add a block button only displays if you are currently customizing your dashboard.