Grades: Inside Your User Report

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  • July 10, 2014

Your User report is Moodle’s report card. Click the Grades button in the navigation panel on the left to access your user report.


Above is a sample user report. The course name is listed at the top of the report, and the course assessments have been broken into folders. This setup will differ by course and instructor.

Assessments are identified by name and activity type (indicated by the icon) in the Grade Item column. All of these assessments can be clicked to navigate to that assessment.

The weight of that activity will be listed in the Calculated Weight column.

The grade received for that particular assessment will be listed in the Grade column.

The points possible will be listed in the Range column.

The percentage grade will be indicated in the Percentage column.

Any manual feedback the instructor provided to you will be listed in the Feedback column. This feedback is private, and is visible only to you and your instructor.

The Contribution to Course Total column will show percentages indicating how much each grade item contributes to the user’s course total (after weighting is applied).

The folders in the user report are generally referred to as Categories; each category has its own total. This math will differ based on the setup your instructor has selected for your course. This example is set up to represent Natural, which means the assessments and course have a clear point system, with some categories to Simple Weighted Mean of Grades. Again, this is at your instructor’s discretion. The course itself also has a total, listed at the bottom of the report. Please contact your instructor with any questions regarding your grades.