Grade Me is a block in Moodle that lists and links to assignments and manual quiz questions (essays, for example) that have been submitted, but not yet graded.

Adding the Grade Me Block

Please contact a support representative for assistance in adding this block if you are unable to do so.

1. Ensure editing is enabled via the Gear Menu or Administration block.

2. Click on the Add a Block block that appears at the bottom of the global panel on the left and select Grade Me from the menu.

3. The page will refresh and a block labeled Grade Me will appear above Add a Block.

Using the Grade Me Block

The Grade Me block will list any assignments, quizzes, or forums that have submissions waiting to be graded, as well as the number of submissions waiting in parentheses. Clicking the right-facing arrow to the left of an assignment or quiz will list students who have submitted; click the red check mark to the left of the student’s name to be directed to his or her attempt for grading.

Troubleshooting the Grade Me Block

I am unable to add the block to the course because I cannot find the Turn editing on button.
Please contact a support representative who can add the block for you.

I know I have assignments/quiz submissions to grade, but nothing is showing up in the Grade Me block.
There will sometimes be a delay between student submissions and the block displaying those submissions due to reports that run in Moodle periodically; please wait at least an hour and check the block again. Contact a support representative if submissions do not appear at least two hours after the last student submission.

I clicked a student’s name but it took me to his or her user profile and not a submission.
Be sure to click the red check mark to the left of a student’s name to be directed to the submission itself; clicking the student’s name will direct you to his or her user profile.

I clicked a red check mark to grade a submission, but I wasn’t ready to grade and backed out of the screen; now that submission is missing from the Grade Me block even though I didn’t grade it yet.
The red check mark and submission entry will be removed from the block once you have clicked it, so be sure you are prepared to grade the submission; otherwise, you will have to manually navigate to the student’s submission.