Moodle users can program how and when they receive messages from other users.

  1. Select the Messages icon in the top right of any Moodle page. The icon is shaped like a speech bubble.
  2. Select the Gear Icon to open the Message Preferences page.
  3. There are two main options on the Message preferences
    1. Prevent Non-contacts From Messaging Me: Contacts are users enrolled in your courses, or other users for whom you have approved a contact request. Select this checkbox if you do not want users to message you without first requesting to be a contact.
    2. Personal Messages Between Users: Choose email notification settings for Moodle messages. The default settings will send you an email notification if you are not logged in to Moodle. If you are currently logged in, you will only receive a notification within Moodle itself. Toggle the on and off buttons to change these options.
  1. Settings will save automatically.