Forums: Student View of Group-Enabled Forums

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  • May 26, 2017

Moodle forums will default to having no group setting enabled. Two different group settings are available if the instructor would like to allow group work within a forum. In order for group forums to work, students must first be placed into groups at the course level. Then, group mode will need to be turned on within the forum.

Separate Groups

Students can only see their own groups within the forum; they cannot see other groups or their posts. The student will only see his or her group when he or she enters a separate group’s forum. The student is assigned to Group 1 in this example.

separate groups

Visible Groups

Students can see all of the groups’ posts and discussions. However, students will only be able to post within their own groups.

A student will see a drop-down menu listing the groups when they click on a forum’s name. If the student chooses his or her group, the student can post a new discussion topic or reply to a group member.

visible groups

If a student clicks on the name of a different group, the student will be able to see posts made by that group but will not be able to post or reply.

visible groups 2