Forums: How to Configure a Q-and-A Forum

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  • May 16, 2017

A Q and A Forum is a forum in which students must add a post before viewing other students’ posts. Instructors must post a question first so students may provide their answers. If there is no question posted by the instructor, students will not be able to post to the forum.

Configuring a Q-and-A Forum

  1.    You can configure a Q and A forum by adding a new discussion forum to the course or by changing the type of an existing forum.
    1. To add a new Q and A forum to your course, click the gear menu in the top right corner of the course and select Turn Editing On to enable editing properties of the course. Click Add An Activity Or Resource and choose Forum from the list of activities and resources.
    2.  To change an existing forum to a Q and A discussion, access the Settings page of an existing forum for which you would like to change the type. You can do this one of two ways:
      1. Click the gear menu in the top right corner of the course and select Turn Editing On. Click the Edit hyperlink to the right of the forum and select Edit Settings.
      2.  Access the forum you’d like to program and click Edit Settings in the Administration block under Forum Administration.
  2. Enter or edit a Forum name and select Q and A forum from the forum type drop down menu.

    Q&A forum

  3.    Provide your students with directions on how to respond correctly in the description of the forum. For example, “Please respond to my initial prompt below. You will not be able to view your peers’ responses until you have provided your own response.”
  4.    Select an aggregate type and score (optional) and click Save and Display.
  5.    Click Add a New Question on the refreshed page. This is where you will provide your students with the prompt for this forum (a subject and message are required; file attachments are optional). The students will reply to your question first, and afterward will be able to see and reply to other students’ posts.
  6. Click Post to Forum.