BigBlueButton: How to Access BigBlueButton Recordings

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  • January 13, 2014

BigBlueButton recordings must be set up separately from the live classroom session(s). The RecordingsBN resource must be added to the course to access BigBlueButton recordings. Please note that only one RecordingsBN is required per course—all course recordings are housed in the same area (even if there is more than one BigBlueButton room in the course).

Adding the RecordingsBN Resource to a Moodle Course

1. Click Turn editing on in the top-right corner of your main course page.
2. Click the Add an activity or resource hyperlink in the module in which you wish to house to your recordings (we recommend the top module).
3. Scroll to the Resources section of the pop-up window and select RecordingsBN; double-click the name of the resource, or click the item followed by Add at the bottom of the window.
4. Enter a name for your recordings area in the Recordings name text box; we recommend using the course name, followed by the word ‘Recordings.’ Click Save and return to course when you are finished.

5. You should now see the recordings resource in your course.

Accessing Your BigBlueButton Recordings

1. Click on the recordings area to see your recordings. It can take up to 24 hours for your recordings to appear in the recordings area.
2. Click on the name under the Recording column on the left to access the recording.


My recording is not present.
Please wait up to 24 hours for your recording to appear.

Parts of my session were not recorded.
Please note that certain parts of your recording, such as videos and screen shares, will not be recorded. Audio, presentation, webcam, and chat text will be recorded.

The audio isn’t working.
Please use Firefox or Chrome, not Internet Explorer or Safari.

I don’t see or hear anything.
There may be dead space at the beginning of the recording before the instructor started presenting or speaking.